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Buying Pool and Spa Chemicals From A Swimming Pool Store VS Big Box Retailers



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Swimming Pools and hot tubs are big investments so it is important to use quality chemicals to keep them running efficiently and maintain your investment.  Most people think that all chemicals are the same, but they are not!

At swimming pool and spa stores the staff are professionals in water chemistry.  They will get your water chemistry right the first time.  When you use a product from a big box store you are not getting advice from people that know how to balance your water properly.  Often the staff in big box stores have no idea where to even start to help you out.  With no direction on pool chemistry it may mean you are doing multiple chemical applications; leaving people frustrated and spending more money.  

Big Box stores just do not specialize in swimming pool and spa care.  Usually big box stores put their focus on profit and price point so for this reason it is not unusual for manufacturers to add fillers to the formulations that are sold at discounts stores.  When products are diluted they won't perform as well as the full strength product and you have to use more of the product to get the same effect.

Using “bargain” pool chemicals are of poorer quality and present difficulty finding the proper water balance and can cause damage to a swimming pool liner and or the system.  Water chemistry that is not balanced properly can also irritate skin, eyes and damage hair.

Buying your chemicals from a swimming pool and spa store you are getting the advice professional staff that work in the industry daily.  Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna offers free water testing so that we can help you get your chemicals right.  Getting expert advice and water testing will save you time and money.  The big box store just don’t have the answers or water balancing knowledge to figure out exactly what you need to keep your pool in tip top shape.

When considering where to buy your pool and spa chemicals remember that what you put into your swimming pool and spa has an impact on the pleasure you will get out of it.

If you have any questions about pool and hot tub chemicals we are here to help!