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21 Reasons To Own A Swimming Pool

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Why should you invest in a beautiful swimming from Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna!  There is so many reasons; we decided to list a some of them!


1. Family time!  This one is the best.  Kids love jumping in the pool with their parents and playing games.

2.  Your kids will learn to swim at a young age.

3.  It is a great place for grilling and enjoying a fun family BBQ.

4.  The environment creates a place of relaxation.

5.  When it is hot outside, and we have lots of those days in Kelowna, you have a place to beat the heat.

6.  Swimming Pools add to your home's anesthetics

7.  Your kids will be so busy swimming, you won't hear them tell you they are bored all summer.

8.  There is some very cool floaties to buy.  You can float around and read a book or maybe take a nap!

9.  Swimming pools are a great place to start a fitness program.  Unless you are just floating around nearly every activity in the pool requires exercise.  

10.  Had a stressful day?  Swimming and playing in a swimming pool has been shown to help release stress and up lift moods.

11.  A staycation has gained popularity over the years.  People that have a swimming pool tend to stay home in the Summer because they love spending time in their own backyards.

12.  Most adults and children sleep better after a good swim in the pool.

13.  You will have an amazing party destination for friends.  Everyone loves a great Pool Party!

14.  You and your family will create some amazing lasting memories that you will always carry with you.

15.  Having a pool promotes people to have healthier lifestyle.

16.  You can relax on a floaty and watch the beautiful stars at night.

17.  Less grass to cut!  Now that is a double bonus!

18.  If you have to be careful with your joints, swimming is a low impact excessive.  It will not harm your joints.

19.  The value of your home could increase.

20.  Start your day off relaxed with a swim before work.

21.  Playing sports in a swimming pool is just fun!