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Are Swimming Pool Chemicals Harmful To Your Health?



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Chlorine is used in all swimming pools, even salt water ones.  The job of chlorine is that it is used as a sanitizing agent.  It kills off bacteria, germs, oxidizes one's body oils, and helps to stop algae from growing in your pool's water.  Chlorine gets a bad reputation mostly because of its odor, but that smell, it’s actually from chloramines getting into your swimming pool.  Chlorine actually keeps the chloramines out.


Is the chlorine harmful to you?  In public swimming pools, they use much more chlorine in them than a homeowner would in their personal pool.  Unless you are spending 10 hours a day, everyday for years in a public swimming pool you should be just fine.  Professional swimmers who spend hours training in the pool do get wrinkles earlier than the recreational swimmer, but again, they spend hours in the water.  Some people do find their hair and skin gets a little dried out but nothing than a bit of body lotion and hair conditioner won’t take care of .


What about red eyes and itchy skin after swimming?  Some people do have a sensitivity to chlorine.  Goggles should help with the red eyes.  The itchy skin can usually be solved by taking a shower before and after going for a dip and try not to wear perfumes or deodorants.  Deodorants and perfumes can mix with ammonia and chloramine and cause itching.  Also test your pool chemicals to make sure they are ok.  When the chloramine and ammonia mix it can mean you don't have enough chlorine in your swimming pool.  So, generally it is not the chlorine that is making you itch, it is the lack of.  Also, if you are unsure about balancing the water properly in your pool, contact a swimming pool store.  


At Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna we offer free water testing when you bring in a sample and would be happy to assist and fix the problem.