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Since 1987 Pebble Tec pool finishes have been transforming the swimming pool building and renovation industry.  Known as the "World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes" they are the top choice for both homeowners and pool builders.

When choosing Pebble Tec for your swimming pool you can be rest assured they stand behind their products and provide;


Premium Products


Pebble Tec only uses the highest quality naturally tumbled stones for their product.  From New Zealand to Chile they find and pick only premium pebbles from riverbeds, beaches, quarries and shorelines.  Each pebble is tested and quality controlled to deliver the purest rocks to you.  All stones are screened for size consistency for a uniform texture for your pool finish.  Proprietary additives are also used to fortify their formula to bring you the best in durability.


Unparalleled Customer Support


Pebble Tec has a strong commitment to giving you 100% customer satisfaction.  They offer a dedicated team that are experts to support their customers always.


Installations By Authorized Applicators


All of Pebble Tec applicators are hand selected, after being put through a rigorous on boarding process only the most talented and skilled are allowed to install their swimming pool finishes.  There is a nationwide group of applicators licensed by Pebble Tec and only that group has right to purchase their products and use their brand name.  Applicators and builders are always keep up to date on new techniques and methods with ongoing education and training by quality control and R&D teams.


Dedicated Quality Control and R&D Teams


Pebble Tec uses only the top leaders in the industry for quality control technicians and R&D teams.  All across the country they support the authorized builders and applicators on technical matters, product knowledge and installation.


Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna is proud to be the only authorized builder applicator in British Columbia for Pebble Tec swimming pool finishes.  Please free to contact us for more information.