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Are You Up For Some Family Fun In The Swimming Pool?


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Kids love to splash it up in the swimming pool!  You're never too old to join in on the fun, so join in and play some fun family pool games.


Swim Songs for babies and toddlers are great for the little ones.  Babies best remember things when movement is accompanied with songs.  Just hold on to your little one letting them kick and splash singing their favorite song, adding in some music is always a hit too.  If you're looking for some great song ideas “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush’’ is a good one to do in the swimming pool.  “If You're Happy And You Know It” is another good one for teaching little ones to wave good bye or clapping their hands.


White Whale is always a hit!  Have one player be the “white whale.”  Have the white whale swim to the middle of your swimming pool and float on their backs.  The other players then swim around the white whale.  At some point the white whale yells out “hungry whale!”  Then the white whale tags another player.  The player that got tagged is now the new white whale.


F-I-S-H is a blast for the kids!  Pick one player that has to perform something, like a handstand, a dance pattern, float on their backs, swim underwater; whatever they choose and then the other players must copy that task.  If one of the players can not do the task they will earn the first letter in the word fish.  Whoever spells the word fish first loses.  Remember to remind everyone to keep it fair, players can only do a particular task once, no repeats!


Hope you enjoy playing and having some family fun together!