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Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

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Automatic pool covers have become more popular to maintain pools year round, provides safety and also provides convenience that manual ones are unable to achieve.  They can be installed on a variety of pools varying in shapes and sizes.  Automatic swimming pool covers can be installed under grade or on top of the pool deck.

An auto pool cover will also save you money;

Save on energy on heating costs;  An automatic pool cover is very simple to use so it is easy to cover your swimming pool when not using it.  Depending on how much you keep your pool covered heating costs can be reduced up to 70%.

Saves water;  Auto covers has been shown to reduce water consumption up to 90% which is also good for our environment.  When using a auto cover the pool maintains more of a constant temperature which helps to stop water evaporation.

Saves chlorine;  A covered pool will have a reduction in debris which will then reduce the amount of chlorine needed.

Circulation is reduced;  When using an automatic cover the circulation time in your pool is decreased which also adds up on the savings.

Auto covers will keep you safe:

With automatic swimming pool covers there is a extra layer of protection; it is almost impossible for someone to fall into the water with them.  Keep in mind that auto covers do not replace the need for adult supervision with little ones.

The convenience can’t be beat;

With the touch of a button your swimming pool will be covered and will keep your pool much cleaner!  Not having to spend so much time cleaning your swimming pool gives more time to enjoy your pool and spend less time and maintaining it!


Wanting more information on automatic covers for your swimming pool?  Contact Valley Pool and Spa in Kelowna BC which also servers all of the Okanagan and we will be pleased to provide you with more information.