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Benefits Of Swimming!

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Not only is swimming fun it has some great health benefits.  It’s easy on the joints and can be either a gentle workout or a very rigorous one.  Swimming is known as one of the perfect workouts both physically and mentally.  It’s also great for people of all ages to enjoy.


Water Is Calming


Spending time in or near the water has shown to be similar to meditation.  It gives your brain a break from the stresses of the world.  One survey done by Speedo stated that 74% of swimmers agreed that after a swim they felt less stress and tension, 68% said that water helped them feel better about themselves and 70% felt mentally refreshed after a swim.


Low Impact On The Body

Swimming is a good way to get in your cardio without stressing your bones, joints and muscles.  It’s great for everyone but especially for people with joint issues.


Healthy Lungs

Research has stated that there is a link between swimmers and better lung capacity.  Your body will process oxygen better with healthy lungs.  Studies have shown that water workouts are great exercise for people with asthma.


Low Chance Of Injury

Swimming is one of the only sports that are completely non weight bearing so it is extremely hard to cause injury.  When swimming, water is supporting your bodyweight so your body is not being stressed.


Increase Strength and Muscle Tone

When you are swimming you are propelling through the water so with every kick and arm stroke it is a resistance exercise.  Resistance exercises are the best way that one can build muscle and strength.


Manage Your Weight

Swimming can burn up to 367 calories after 30 minutes of doing the breaststroke - that beats biking and running if you're looking for a great calorie burn to manage your weight!


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