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Best Hot Tub Rated By Consumers Digest?

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In the market to buy a new hot tub?  Consumers Digest has rated the Martinique Hot Tub by Caldera Spas Best Buy in portable spas.  The Martinique has been shown to be the most popular hot tub in the Caldera Paradise Series of spa models.  The Martinique is a repeat winner in the Best Buy selection.  Consumers love it as it has great versatility among other models in the same price range with a lounger and two massage chairs.  

Consumers Digest rates Best Buys on the spas by the quality of construction, number and types of jets, seat configuration, jet streams and warranty; comparing them to similar makes and models.


Just a few key features include;


Seating for up to 5 adults

34 Hydromassage Jets to target your muscles and melt away tension.

Euphoria Jet for a deep penetrating massage, perfect for tense thighs, knees, calves and feet.

Sole Soother Foot Jets provide a stimulating foot massage to your tires soles.

EsctaSeat which has multiple jets to ease tension in your back.

UltraMassage Lounge, so you can lay back and relax.

Acquarella Waterfall with LED lighting so you can sit back and enjoy the glow.

Expanded Leg Area.

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy which targets a specific muscle groups when you move from seat to seat.


What do customers reviews have to say about their Caldera Martinique Hot Tub?


“Owned this model for almost 2years and have no complaints.  Keeping the water and filter clean is very simple.  The different seating positions provide great massage for the different parts of your body.  The diverter valve have different power settings of the jets that allow you to have no jets on, partial jets, or all jets for powerful deep massaging.  The foot massagers are wonderful.” Tito


“The quality and comfort are first rate; so much better than my previous hot tub that there is no comparison.  The best part is that it is the easiest I have ever seen to maintain and keep clean.  The water is sparkling clear.”  Mark



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