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Buy A Hot Tub That Suits Your Personality!

There is so many Hot Tubs to choose from, sizes number of jets, and features.  How do you choose!  It can be hard to know which one is right for you……

By matching yourself with the features and accessories, based on your personally, it can help take the guess work out of picking out your new hot tub.


Do you enjoy just being a couch potato?

Love just relaxing on the sofa watching TV or a good movie?  Picking a hot tub that has loungers with arm rests, foot rests and neck pillows maybe a perfect for you!  Adding a TV to your hot tub or bring out your IPAD then sit back and relax.

Choose jets that are placed to massage your neck, shoulders and feet.  Pressure control options so that you can adjust the power and force of each jet to get that perfect pressure on your muscles.  Maybe you want to set your hot tub so that the jets are pulsating to gently knead your tired muscles.


Do you love tranquility?

There are hot tub features that will aid you calming the mind and body to achieve peacefulness.  

Bubblers will give you a lighter therapeutic full body massage providing a steady calming sound of moving water.  Water features like waterfalls, a trickling fountain with special lighting can be added to match your mood and create the atmosphere you're looking for.  Maybe a smaller hot tub would suit you to create a more cozier space.


Like to Party?


If you like to party pick a hot tub with plenty of room that seats 8 to 10 people.  Large hot tubs offer a variety of seating options.  Crank up the music on a built in sound system!  LED lighting can add in flashing color and you're ready to party!


Do you love exercise?


Working out in the water is a great way to get and stay fit.  Water adds resistance that you will work your muscles harder, and the buoyancy will reduce impact on joints.  Look for a hot tub with lots of interior space and large footwells.  Bring in some exercise bands, rowing attachments etc and enjoy a great workout!


At Valley Pool and Spa we have a number of hot tubs to suit what ever you personally is. Our professional staff will help you make the perfect informed choice.