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Can Hot Tubs Help Insomnia?


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According to the Sleep Foundation, it was found that 43% of people between the ages of 13 and 64 say that they rarely or never get a good night's sleep.  Of the 43%, more than half say that they have a sleep issue every night or almost every night from snoring, waking up in the night or to early or basically not feeling refreshed when waking up in the morning.


If you are one of the people with sleep problems you may want to think about a hot tub soak before bedtime.  Hot tubs help your mind and body to relax.


To fall asleep faster, it is recommend that you raise your body temperature before bed and as the body starts to cool itself, it then begins to relax.  A great way to raise your temperature is a 20 minute soak in a hot tub.  In one study, it showed that if the body temperature is raised one or two degrees, a deeper sleep will be achieved.  Turning the lights down during your soak will also help you to relax.  Be careful not to fail asleep in your hot tub!


If the body isn't relaxed you are not going to sleep well.  Sitting in a hot tub or hydrotherapy will help to melt away any tension and anxiety you are feeling.  Heat from the water loosens up blood flow that is restricted in your body.  When blood flow is increased in the body it relax muscles and joints.  Massaging jets helps work out sore, stiff muscles and joints.


Without sleep out physical and mental health is affected as well as your immune system.  


The National Sleep Foundation recommends a 20 minute soak one to two hours before relaxing into your bed.  Trying to sleep when you're hot and sweaty is not recommended.  Drink lots of water and don’t set your hot tub higher than 104 degrees.


If you have any questions about hot tubs or thinking of buying a hot tub the friendly staff at Valley Pool and Spa can help you select one that is just right for you.  Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna also serves all of the Okanagan.