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Caring For Your Swimming Pool Liner


A swimming pool vinyl liner is exposed daily to chemicals, sunlight, temperatures fluctuating etc… especially in Kelowna!


 Here are some simple tips to get the most out of swimming pool liner.


Test your water!


When taking a water sample make sure you are testing a foot below the water line.  Don’t test near the return outlets.  Make sure your testing strips or test equipment in good condition so that you are getting a proper reading.  If your testing equipment isn’t good you may get a wrong chemical reading.


Keep that water properly balanced!


When your water is properly balanced the result is perfect swimming pool water.  Water balance can complex!  Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna offers free water testing in store by bringing in a sample.  Our experienced staff is more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  


One of the most important factors in keeping your water balanced is pH.  pH is the measure of both the acidity and alkalinity of your water.  7.0 is neutral, by allowing your water to fall below this you are headed into the acid range.  Going below 7.0 is harmful to a pool liner.  When the water is in the acid range the liner can develop wrinkles that can not be removed and your swimming pool liner will age at a faster rate.


Be careful with the chlorine!  Some people think the more chlorine the better!  Adding to much chlorine can attack the pool liner, discolor it and the vinyl will deteriorate very quickly.  Make sure when adding in chlorine that it doesn’t hit the liner.  Always make sure it is dissolved before adding it into your swimming pool.


It’s a good idea if you are using the granular chlorine to dissolve it in a bucket of water and then pour the liquid into the pool.  Also, agitate the water so the chlorine gets dispersed.  NEVER just throw granules into the pool, it will just sink to the bottom of your pool and cause vinyl damage.  


Pools with liners also get bathtub ring!  This is caused from suntan lotions and body oils.  You can remove this by using a special cleaner for vinyl liners at your local swimming pool and spa store.


Should you ever get a leak in your swimming pool liner make sure to contact your swimming pool builder for advice on repair.