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Choosing A Hot Tub Cover

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You would think that all hot tub covers are the same, as they look the same!  The answer?  Hot tub covers are structurally all the same concept but they are also different.


What are hot tub covers made of?


Most hot tub covers are made from solid foam cores which are sealed in plastic covers.  The plastic covers stop water from penetrating, they are then enclosed into vinyl covers.  To aid in removing your hot tub cover, they are built to fold at a hinge point.  Hot tub covers are slightly tapered in height from the center to the edge to help with water and snow removal.


A foam core is the base of a hot tub cover.  The foam in a hot tub cover can be one, two or more pieces of foam.  The R value is the measurement of energy efficiency you will get from your cover which is affected by the density or the weight of the foam.  The density, together with the depth or thickness of the foam will also tell you how much weight the hot tub cover can take before it breaks down.  Something to think about when living in Kelowna we can get some heavy snow falls!  Note that covers are not built to take the weight of person sitting or standing on them.  The foam cores range from 1 to 2 lbs.  A 1 lb cover has more pockets of air so it will have less insulation and the ability to bear weight than a 2 lb. hot tub cover.


As with the foam core, the taper on a cover can be different than others too.  You want a hot tub cover to have a taper to it.  The tapering will help rain, snow and ice to roll off your cover.


You want the foam core of your cover to be in a good heavy gauge poly wrapper!  You don’t want water getting into your cover!


Check out the hinged area of the hot tub cover, this is where heat vapors can escape.


To minimize UV rays and mildew you want a cover that is made with Marine Grade Vinyl!  Hot tubs covers made out of Marine Grade Vinyl last the longest and are the best quality to buy for your hot tub.


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