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Choosing The Perfect Location For Your New Master Spa









Are you buying a new Master Spa and need help picking the perfect location for it?  



Are you trying to choose if you want your new hot tub to be inside your house or outside?  Debating wether you want it above the ground or perhaps in-ground?  Master Spas are perfectly designed to be installed inside or outside house, in-ground or above ground.  When trying to find that perfect location think about how you will use your spa and where is the best place for it to make it easily accessible.



Consider your landscaping and how it would look in the different areas.  Think about when you are in your spa what the view will be.  We have some gorgeous views to gaze at in Kelowna while relaxing in a spa. Some people want their hot tubs to be in the sun, others want it shaded.  Do you like privacy?  If so, look around and make sure that neighbors can’t see you when your in your tub.  Try to find a spot that is easy to get to from your house.  Consider where your power source is too.


If your looking at putting your new hot tub directly inside your home discuss it with your Master Spa dealer.  Check on the of size of opening you will need to get the spa into your house.  Humidity and ventilation control is very important when installing a hot tub in your house.  Lots of moisture is produced when the spa is being used and could damage your ceiling and walls.  Most of the time a exhaust fan is needed.  Check on things like your paint and woodwork etc… to make sure that they can withstand the new humidity levels.  With a hot tub, water will get around the spa and we recommend that a drain is installed along with non slip flooring materials.  Flooring gets slippery when it is wet.


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