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Concrete Swimming Pool Finishes

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Are building your dream swimming pool in Kelowna?  There are so many choices today than ever before in pool finishes; they come in an assortment of colours and textures.


If you are planning on doing a swimming pool renovation or building a new concrete pool give yourself plenty of time to decide on your interior finish.  


In the early years concrete swimming pools had painted interiors but today many swimming pool companies including Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna no longer paint their pools because of their short life span.


Smooth plaster has become a traditional standby finish and offers many colours to choose from.  The newest trend and most popular is exposed aggregate finishes.  Exposed aggregate finishes incorporates natural rock, seashells, or glass beads; you can even combine these elements together.


Exposed aggregate is beautiful and will give you a stunning and modern look to any size swimming pool.  Aggregate finishes adds movement and intensity to the look of pools.  Plaster finishes come in different colors for you to choose from but you can’t compete with the variety of colour aggregate finishes emit.  Multi-hued aggregates gives off beautiful reflective colours, especially in the sun, which then turns your swimming pool into a glittering tapestry of colour and texture.



When aggregates finishes are viewed up close they look like a collection of water washed pebbles along a shoreline.  At a distance they take on a softer hue with tones that look like nature rather than a constructed environment.  


Along with aggregates beauty, that are made with natural products, they will not deteriorate like man made products do, making your finish last alot longer.


At Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna we love exposed aggregate swimming pool finishes and use Pebble Tec for our finishes.  If you would like more information about our swimming pool finishes we would love to assist you in making the perfect choice.