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Cool Hacks For Swimming Pools

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Who doesn’t love some fun hacks?  Pool toys and other things can get expensive!  Here are some fun ways to keep more money in your wallet.


Instead if buying an expensive waterproof phone case, use a ziplock bag!  No one wants to miss an important phone call or text or even a chance for a great photo. If you place your phone in a Ziploc bag you never have that worry of dropping your phone in the swimming pool.


Candles floating in a swimming pool are simple and beautiful especially if you're having a dinner party.  Making pool noodle candles are easy and economical.  All you have to do is cut a pool noodle into 2 inch sections.  Cut a quite a few, the more candles the brighter your pool will be.  After that place a electric tea light inside the pool noodle sections.  Turn them on and put them in your swimming pool.  The look is magical.


Make a pool noodle cooler!  Having a nice cold drink by the pool is always fun.  Getting in and out of the pool is always a hassle.  Making a pool noodle cooler is easy and you won’t have to get out to get your drinks.  Get a plastic container and four swimming pool noodles.  Cut the pool noodles to the size of your cooler.  Then cut the pool noodle down the middle.  This will let you secure the noodles to the ice cooler and let it float.


A tennis ball removes oils.  If you are using oily sunscreens and tanning lotions you can be sure your swimming pool of full a oil.  A cheap way to solve this, is to throw in a few tennis balls into your pool.  It won’t take long before you see them picking up the excess oil in your pool.


Being a swimming pool owner is a great experience will all the sunny days we get in Kelowna.  If are thinking of building a swimming pool or just need some information on your current pool we are more than happy to assist you.  Click here to contact us.