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DOs and DONTs Guide For Your New Pebble Tec Swimming Pool Finish



Owning a new Pebble Tec swimming pool finish comes with a responsibility of a few steps to do after it is applied and also having to maintain your water chemistry.  This is a very important step to maintain the longevity of your pool finish.


Testing the chemicals in your pool should be done weekly.  If you are unsure about swimming pool water chemistry you can bring a sample of your water into Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna for a free water test and we would be pleased to help you.  


Below is a general guide of DOs and DON’Ts for your new Pebble Tec finish.  Your swimming pool builder will also give you guidelines to follow carefully as some of our finishes require additional start up requirements.



DO NOT fill your swimming pool with soft water. Soft water may be used after the
curing process.  Also if your hose bibs are soft water please tell your builder/applicator.

DO NOT enter your pool until it is filled and chemicals are balanced, this includes your furry   


DO NOT chlorinate your pool until the ph and alkalinity are properly balanced.

DO allow approximately 28 days before assessing your final water and color.  

DO brush your pool.  We recommend that you brush your Pebble Tec pool finish three
times a day for the three days then twice a day for the next ten days.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to use a standard, nylon pool brush.

DO wait 28 days before adding salt if you use a salt generator. Salt left on the
surface may stain which is not covered by warranty.


Do know that pebble or glass beads will come loose during the curing time. It is completely
normal to lose a small amount during start up.

Do wait 14 days before heating your swimming pool and monitor the chemicals closely after you heat your pool.

Do call your swimming pool builder / applicator if you have any questions.



Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna is the only certified swimming pool builder / applicator of Pebble Tec Pool Finishes. For more information contact us and we would be pleased to help you.