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FAQ On Swimming Pool Water Care



Our most frequently asked questions answered!


My swimming pool is cloudy, why?


Cloudy pool water can be caused by different things.  Low sanitizer, high pH, early algae growth, poor filtration and even a heavy rainfall can be the cause of cloudy water.  Check your chemical levels and make the necessary adjustments as needed.  If you are having trouble identifying the issue bring in a water sample into your local swimming pool store in Kelowna for testing.


Why do I have red eyes after swimming in my pool?


Red and irritated eyes can be caused by a few things; unbalanced pH, alkalinity, chlorine or chloramines.  Make sure the water in your pool is being properly balanced and maintained.  If you are unsure how to maintain the water chemistry Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna offers free “Pool School.”  


Do I have to shock my pool every week?  


You sure do!  It doesn’t take long before chloramines build up in swimming pools.  When chloramines build up it can cause a strong chemical odor.  It doesn’t take long to shock your pool and it will keep your pool clean.


Why is pH of the water so important?


pH is the measure of the acidity in your swimming pool water.  A pools pH needs to be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8.  Low pH water means it is acidic.  Acidic water can dry out your pool liner, eat away at any stainless steel in your pool and also any cooper parts.  Low pH can also cause red eyes and skin irritation.  High pH pool water can cause it to become cloudy.  pH is generally pretty easy to adjust.  If you need help with your water care our experts are always standing by to help and assist you.


The best thing you can do to keep your swimming pool water in tip top condition is to keep on top of testing your water and making adjustments as needed.