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Few Tips About Caring for Your Hot Tub

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Wondering how to care for your new hot tub?  Hot Tubs provide relaxation and soothes the mind and body.  Like anything else they do require some attention to maintain and for longevity.  At Valley Pool and Spa we are experts in hot tubs and are always available to give you advice on caring for your hot tub.  By following these basic steps they will help you extend the life of your tub and keep it fresh and clean for you to enjoy!


Keep The Filters Clean

Hot tub filters must be clean in order for your tub to work to it’s full potential.  If the filters are full of muck and build up your hot tub just won't work right.  It is recommended that filters are cleaned every 2 weeks.  Cleaning is simple, just use a garden hose or pressure washer tell the dirt etc is all washed out.


Wash and Sanitize The Hot Tub Cover

To protect your tub from different elements, hot tub covers are great but they to need some care.  Covers become scum traps if not cleaned!  They can grow mold and develop a smell.  At Valley Pool and Spa we sell products for cleaning your cover which will keep it free of bacteria and odors.


Keep The Air Control Injection Valves Closed

Air control valves release air from your hot tubs jets, the air mixes with the spa water that flows into the tub.  At the top of your hot tub you will find knobs that control this, it is a good idea to keep these closed after each use.  


Keep An Eye Out On Your Chemical Levels

Chemical test strips are the easiest way to check your chemical levels in your hot tub.  It’s a good idea to check the water daily.  It only takes about 30 seconds with the strips and they will check for alkalinity, pH, chlorine, bromine etc.  If your levels are off be sure to adjust your chemicals accordingly to keep your spa sparkling clean.  At Valley Pool and Spa we also offer free water testing in store by bringing in a small sample in a clean container.


If you have any questions on the care of your hot tub / spa our experts are able to help and answer any of your questions!