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Fibreglass Swimming Pools





Owning a fiberglass pool has tons of advantages and have become very popular; but there is still some very common misconceptions about them.


Here is a few of them.


A fibreglass swimming pool will pop out of the ground ~ this is impossible!  Some people think the fibreglass pool will pop up out of the ground from a big windstorm etc...  A concrete deck always covers the outer edge of the swimming pool shell so there is no way for it to move unless your deck moves.  


Cold weather is not good for fibreglass swimming pools ~ there is ton of fibreglass pools in Canada!  Pools made out of fibreglass are the most pliable out of any other type of swimming pool.  Fibreglass is very strong and flexible, freezing temperatures will not harm them in anyway.  Even if the water freezes in the fibreglass pool the frozen water will push upwards and will not cause any damage.


Fibreglass swimming pools just look cheap ~ no way!  There is so many options for fibreglass pools today.  From choosing a colored finish, tiles, lighting systems and other features.  A customized fibreglass pool can fit in beautifully with your home.


Vinyl liner swimming pools are way cheaper ~ not really.  At first yes it does cost more for a fibreglass swimming pool but in the long run it’s not so.  Having to replace or patch vinyl liners add up over the years.  When you install a fibreglass pool there is rarely any big expenses after it is installed.


We love fiberglass swimming pools at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna - they are easy to install, maintain and clean and look beautiful!  


If you are thinking of building a fibreglass swimming pool please do contact us!  At Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna we pride ourselves on offering you the very best product knowledge and service.