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Getting Pool Ready

Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna BC Swimming Pool Openings Service


Spring is in the air and before we know it you will be taking your first dip into your beautiful swimming pool!  There is nothing better than relaxing at home around your own pool.


Prepare early so you're not the only one on the block that didn't open their pool because you forgot to plan!  Here is some quick basic tips to help you get ready for the upcoming pool season!


Plan Early!

Spring is the best time to open your pool as the weather is still cool.  Getting your pool ready early also helps stop algae from growing.  Warm and dark places is just what algae loves!  By removing your cover early it helps keep your water clear and cleaning will be easier.  


Check On Your Equipment!

Check your swimming pools filtration system.  A clean pool filter is key.  You don’t want your pool to be a green mess.  You can check for leaks by searching the ground below the filter for wet spots or puddles.  Be sure your heater is clean and also leak free.


Cleaning Tools!

Usually after removing your winter cover you may find some leaves and debris floating around, using a skimmer is a great tool for cleaning the surface of the water.  An auto-vac or manual vacuum is a must for sucking up debris on the bottom and walls of your swimming pool.


Pool Chemistry!

Don’t forget to properly care for the water!  It is important to balance your pool water.  By checking and balancing PH, TDS, Chlorine and Salt levels your water will be clear and beautiful.  Valley Pool and Spa’s offers free water testing so feel free to bring in a water sample.  


Opening our swimming pool can seem a bit overwhelming but we are always here to help.  If you prefer, the team, at Valley Pool and Spa which serves Kelowna and the Okanagan can prepare, clean and maintain your pool this season.  We book up quick for swimming pool openings so be sure to contact us quickly to get your preferred day and time.