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Great Lower Body Workout To Do in A Swim Spa

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You can get a full body training in a swim spa!


Swim spas are great for all people of any age or any fitness level.  You have full control of the resistance of the swim jets with Michael Phelps swim spa from Valley Pool and Kelowna.


Exercising in the water is great!


The resistance of the water gives you a better workout than road jogging.


When resistance of water added into your workout you have to work harder which means you get a better calories burn.


For people that are recovering from injury or needing to keep weight of their joints and bones, water exercise keeps the strain off. With buoyancy, the water is helping support your body.  You have a much lesser chance of injury doing a workout in the water.


Flexibility will increase working out in a swim spa too.  Gravity is lessened in water which helps you move your body in a wider motion.


Please note that before starting any exercise program, speak to your Doctor!


Here is a few great exercises to start with for your lower body.


Just jog in place!  Jogging in place with give your quads a great workout, keep those knees up as high as you can!  Remember you can set you current in the swim spa to make it as gentle or as challenging as you choose it to be.  After your done this you can turn around and walk with your back to the jets!  This will engage more muscles than going forward.  Make sure not to turn on the current to high at first for this one.


Side to Side Jump!  Keeping your feet together and knees slightly bent, jump from side to side.  Keep going as long as you can!


Kick those legs fast!.  With your jet on, just so it provides a light current, grab onto the bars.  From there lay your body out and start kicking, quickly!  See how long you will last.


Peddle fast!  If you put your back up against a wall of your swim spa, spread your arms out and grab the top lip of the spa.  Now get your legs moving in a circular motion like you are peddling a bike!


Stay tuned for another blog post on swim spa workouts!