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Halloween Hot Tub Party Tips

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With Halloween just around the corner it’s time to start getting organized if you having a party for the kids.


Create a haunted hot tub!  The kids will love it!  If you have red LED lights in your hot tub you can leave them on to give an illusion of a bloody bath.  Make some eerie haunted floating hands by getting some surgical gloves, then insert a glow stick, blow them up and tie them off and toss them in your tub.  They look great floating around in a hot tub with red LED lights on.  Decorate around the spa with spider webs, skeletons and jack-o-lanterns.  You can add a fog machine for really spooky night for the kids too.


Make some spooky treats for the party. Making Gummy Worm Jello Cups are really easy and a hit.


All you need is:


1 6 oz box Lime Jello      2 cups boiling water      2 cups cold water


Gummy worms      Whipped cream      Sprinkles


~ Make the Jello as the box directs you to.  Pour the Jello into clear cups and pop them in the refrigerator for a half hour.

~ Take your Jello cups out of the fridge, add some gummy worms to the cups and hang them over the sides.  You can even put a extra gummy in the middle of the cup.  Put the cups back in the refrigerator till the jello is set.

~ After the jello is set add some whipped cream and sprinkles.






Yeti Cup Cakes are an one easy too and the kids will eat them up.  All you need is;


1 batch of cupcakes, completely cooled     Frosting      Coconut


Candy eyes       Plastic fangs


Coconut is optional.


~ Frost your cupcakes.  You don’t need tons, just enough so the coconut sticks to it.  Then gently press the fangs into the cupcake.  Place the eyes into the frosting.  After that is done sprinkle the coconut on if you choose.





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