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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is tomorrow night!  Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna hopes you have a wonderful safe night.  It is an exciting time for the kids and sometimes we forget our safety rules.  Here are a few safety tips to follow to keep you and your family safe;


~  Face paint is always better than masks.  Kids have a hard time seeing with masks on.


~  Keep your costumes light coloured so cars can see you.


~  Make sure to dress the kids appropriately for the weather.  Layer clothing under costumes.


~  If you kids are going out trick or treating without an adult make sure they go in a group.


~  Give the kids a flashlight or glow sticks to carry so they have good visibility.


~  Bring a cell phone incase you need to make an emergency call.


~  Do not eat any treats till you arrive at home.  It’s a good idea to check them at home so they can be inspected in good lighting.


~  Place strips of reflective tape on the front and back of costumes.  Drivers will be able to see you better.


~  Do not visit houses that are not well lit.


~  If you are driving around on Halloween be alert, the little ones move fast.  Take extra time when backing up and at intersections.


~  Try to keep your cell phone put away and keep your head up when walking.


~  Children under the age of 12 should be supervised by an adult.


~  Walk on the side walk when possible.  If there is not sideway, walk beside the road walking towards the drivers so they can see you better.


~  Never take shortcuts through backyards, laneways or parks.


~  Walk, don’t run.


~  Kids move pretty fast on Halloween, make sure they are wearing proper footwear so they don’t trip


~  To avoid tripping, make sure your costumes are not to long.