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Healthy Living Hot Tubs

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Our Healthy Living Hot Tubs by Master Spas are those wanting a fit mind, body and spirit.  


The features of our Healthy Living Hot Tubs have great features.


As with all Master Spas the engineers made the seats to contour your body and the jets to target your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.


The Master Force Bio - Magnetic Therapy System patented by Master Spas, will relieve your pains, swelling will be reduced and your stiffness will alleviate.  Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries, today doctors and physical therapists are using it for back issues, arthritis and injuries from sports.  Professional athletes love this type of therapy.


The reverse Neck and Shoulder Seat is reversed molded with a ledge that has jets that are  specially designed.  Who doesn’t want a massage!  The jets in the Healthy Living hot tub are trained downwards so your neck and shoulders get the best massage!  These jets will leave you going back for more.


An Orion Light System will give you beautiful colors to watch as you relax.  Add in a optional Fusion Air Sound System* to play some relaxing music or perhaps something up beat.  This sound system has Bluetooth capability so you can play all your favorite music from your devices.  The water resistant remote control,  two marine grade speakers and subwoofer are included in this package.


For a more relaxing hot tub / spa soak Master Spas has installed an exclusive Noise Reduction System.  No one wants a noisey hot tub!


Who wants to do a lot of maintenance?  No one, I’m sure!  As a part of our Healthy Living hot tub a EcoPur Charge Water Purification, which is a exclusive filtration system will keep your hot tub maintenance time to minimum.  You will also save money because the EcoPur filtration reduces the chemical needed in the tub.


Lower energy costs are another great feature in the Healthy Living series hot tubs.  Master Spas uses better insulation costs to keep the heat in the hot tub!


If your looking to buy a hot tub come into Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna to try the Healthy Living Spa!  We are sure you will be pleased.