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Help! My Hot Tub Smells!


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Is there a awful smell coming from your hot tub?  Sometimes, after people buy a hot tub, they think the smell is from over use of chlorine.  Usually, that smell is because of bacteria growing in your spa, the equipment or the cover.  You need to attend to the bacteria because it is not healthy for your body.  When we sit in a warm environment our pores open and weakens our defense system.  A weakened defense system can lead to infections.


So how to do you prevent this from happening?


Hot tubs are moist and humid, which is perfect for bacteria to grow!  Regularly check your water chemistry for prevention!  A balanced pH that you want to see is 7.2-7.6.  If you smell something sour your pH level is probably too low.  A moldy stale smell usually means your pH is usually to high.  To get rid of the awful the smell, chlorinate your hot tub and let it circulate for 30 mins.  This should sanitize and remove the bacteria inside. After the 30 mins of circulation is up, leave the cover off for about 2 hours to allow for ventilation.


Try to avoid your chemicals from becoming unbalanced by investing in a water testing kit or strips to help you keep the water in check from your local swimming and spa store in Kelowna.  Also, a quick simple cleaning of the spa’s surface, waterline, pillows etc.. every week will prevent the buildup of biofilm.  


The smell doesn’t always come from the water in your hot tub.  After you have taken the above measures and there is still a odor, check your filter.  Bacteria and mold can grow around the filter.  Your filter is what helps keep contaminants out of your hot tub water.  Prevent this bacteria from building up by cleaning the filter regularly.  If it has been more than a year since your last filter change you may need a new one.  Covers are also a breeding place for bacteria.  Make sure to clean it inside and out.  


If after all this, your hot tub still has a odor you may want to seek help from a swimming pool and spa store.


At Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna we have been selling spas, hot tubs, and building swimming pools for over 35 years and is owner operated.  Our staff is always more than happy to help you with your hot tub and swimming pool needs.  We also offer free water testing.  Just bring in a sample of your hot tub water.