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Hot Swimming Pool Trends!

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Thinking of building a swimming pool and wondering what’s new in pool trends?


With more and more people taking more ‘staycations,” building a swimming pool to add to your outdoor living experience has become increasingly popular.  People are looking for serenity and relaxation right in their own back yards and here is what’s popular!




At the touch of a button on your smartphone you can control your swimming pool system.  Through a app from anywhere or time you can control lighting, heating, pumps, music, water features, pool covers and more.  Ease of use and convenience makes things easy to operate!


Custom Materials


Homeowners are wanting to have their own unique look to their swimming pools and extending the design elements from their home to the outdoors.  People are loving glass tile, granite and pebble finishes.  Darker shades have been gaining more popularity over the years.  Dark colors not only look great, they also absorb more of the sun’s heat which help to reduce heating costs in a pool.


Fire Features


Homeowners love fire bowls, firepits and fireplaces.  Adding fire features around swimming pools adds a sense of drama, warmth and a special ambience to your outdoor space.  This trend is a must for most swimming pool owners.




People are loving tanning ledges or some as some call them, baja shelves or sun shelves.  Ledges are typically between 6 and 12 inches in depth and usually big enough to fit in a couple of loungers in them.  You can even add an umbrella if you like which is a very trendy look.  A lot of people like tanning ledges for a play area for young children or for their furry friends to splash around.


We love building and designing swimming pools at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna and are always excited about new trends coming out!  If you have a questions about anything on our list or other trends you may have heard about.  Contact us.