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Hot Tub Care Tips!


Are needing some care tips for your new hot tub from Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna?


Not sure of a few things? Here is a few general tips!


Safety Tips


~ Don’t heat your hot tub / spa above 104 F.  It would be dangerous for your health!

~ Add chemicals into your spa separately from each other and be sure not mix the chemicals before adding water to your hot tub.

~ Add your chemicals to the water NOT water to the chemicals.

~ Make sure the kids know the saftey rules found here.

~ Drinking alcohol in your spa… not a good idea.

~ Limit your hot tub time to approximately half hour at a time, sooner if you get overheated.

~ Sanitizing levels need to be maintained.

~ Never enter your hot tub if the total chlorine is over 5 ppm

~ Leave your cover off your tub for at least 15 mins after adding chemicals.


Chemical Levels We Recommend.


Free Chlorine 2 - 4 ppm     

pH 7.4 - 7.6

Total Alkalinity 100 - 120 ppm      

Calcium Hardness 150 - 2250 ppm


Water Trouble?


Chlorine Odor - you may have too much chlorine or low pH.


Water Odor - low sanitization levels, pH could be out of range or there could be bacteria and algae growth.


Cloudy Water - Check your water chemistry it may be unbalanced, check for dirty filters or your spa water may just be old and need changing.


Eyes / Skin Irritations ~ Test the water to see if it is unsanitary, your free chlorine could be too high or your pH levels may not be right.


Foaming Water ~ This could be caused by high levels of soaps, body oils, creams etc…


Scum at Waterline ~ Body oil and dirt causes this usually.


White Chalky Scale Deposits ~ Minerals may be in the water and low levels of sequestering agents may not have been used.




At Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna we are always here to help should you need it! Feel free to call us or bring us a water sample for free testing.