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Hot Tub Safety For Kids


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May is National Water Month so it is a perfect time sit down and review water safety with the family!


Kids love hot tubs and it is fun time for the family relax and connect together and provide endless hours of enjoyment.  As with swimming pools hot tubs need safety rules too!


~ Adult Supervision;  Hot tubs should be treated no different than a swimming pool.  Make it a rule that children are NEVER to go in the hot tub without an adult present.  


~ Put A Lock On It;  Lock the cover on your hot tub when not in use.  This will prevent children to be tempted to use the tub when an adult is not present.


~ Diving;  Children will try, but should never be allowed to dive in hot tub.  A hot tub is far to shallow for diving and they can get badly hurt.


~ Red Faces;  Kids will stay in hot tub forever if allowed.  When you see children’s faces get red and looking hot they should get out of the tub.  Once they have cooled down they can get back in.


~ Walk Don’t Run;  Kids should never be allowed to run hot tubs; this is especially true for in ground hot tubs.  They could easily slip and hurt themselves.


~ Never Push;  Teach kids that it is never ok push anyone into the water or push when they are in the water.


~ Chemicals;  Make sure chemicals are locked up when not using.  Children should be taught not to touch them.


The best way to teach children about the dangers of water is to talk to them about possible dangers and try to show them what can happen.  It is always recommend that kids take water safety/ swimming lessons when you own a swimming pool or hot.