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Hot Tubs Help With Arthritic Pain


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Warm water therapy has been shown to work well helping to relieve arthritic pain,

Research has shown that soaking in warm water in a hot tub / spa helps make joints looser, reduces pain and has a prolonged effect beyond the period of your soak.  Warm water reduces the forces of gravity that compresses joints, provides 360 degree support for limbs that are sore, increases the flexibility of joints, muscle spasm relief, decreases joint stiffness, decreases swelling and inflammation along with increasing circulation bringing pain relief.  

Studies show the benefits of soaking in warm water are reached after about 20 minutes.

For arthritis suffers water exercise is beneficial for many reasons.  Water is a great medium for heat transmission, buoyancy and resistance which makes it possible to exercise will minimal stress for people with limited mobility.  Hot Tubs facilitates relaxation and the strengthening of muscles when excercising, ligaments and tendons bringing much relief to suffers of arthritis.

Water buoyancy in a hot tub / spa will counter balance body weight and support weak bodies.  When a person is submerged in water their body weight is approximately one tenth of their actual weight, this allows a person to move with freedom.  Strength training and movement is recommended for arthritic sufferers to help with symptoms.  Strength training should be introduced slowly.  Exercising without weight is recommend then gradually introduce weights as strength improves.

Here are a few exercises to get you started.  If at anytime you feel uncomfortable or pain discontinue.  As with any new exercise program make sure you consult with a doctor.

When you first get into your hot tub spend a few minutes warming up your body doing some gentle movements before beginning your exercise.

Neck and Shoulders;

With your shoulders completely submerged in the hot water roll your shoulders 5 times going back and forth.  Then while still submerged tilt your neck gently and slowly left to right and from front to back



Slowly raise and lower your legs one at a time keeping them straight.  Over time try to raise both together.  Repeat for as many that are comfortable.

A second great exercise for the legs in your hot tub is fully extend your leg until your leg locks.  After that slowly bring your knee into you body one leg at a time.  


After you're done exercising in your tub sit back and let the jets massage your back and shoulders.  Focus on your breathing to soothe your mind and bring you relaxation.