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How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Contractor


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You have decided to build your dream swimming pool in Kelowna but now it is time to make the biggest decision!  You need to pick the right builder.  How do you choose?  Building a swimming pool is a massive investment and you want to choose wisely.  


Here are some tips to helping you get started on building your dream pool.


Ask People That You Know

Asking people that are already in your network is a great way to find a good contractor.  Getting a referral from someone you know who is had a wonderful experience will increase your chances of having a similar one!


Find A Local Pool Contractor

Finding a swimming pool builder in Kelowna is a good idea, that way they are locally based and around when you need them.  Communication will be much easier for you and chances are your pool will be built much faster.  Also, if any unexpected issues arise a local contractor will be able to attend to your needs much more quickly than a builder that needs to travel from a distance.


Get Answers To Your Questions

The best swimming pool builders are the ones that ready and able to to address questions or concerns you may have.  If a contractor doesn’t return emails and phone aclls to you in a timely manner you may want to look somewhere else.  Never be afraid to ask your questions, a great swimming pool builder knows that as a homeowner you have concerns.


Do Your Research

Today we have so many online resources available.  Google reviews on the swimming pool builder.  Check out the Better Business Bureau's website and do a search. See if there has been repeated complaints against the company.  


Following these steps will help you make a great choice on choosing your swimming pool contractor.  It may take a bit of extra time and effort but in the end it will be worth it.


If you are thinking of building a swimming pool please contact us Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna.  We are always more than happy to help you!