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Installing Your New Hot Tub From Valley Pool and Spa

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Did you just buy a new hot tub?  Here is a pre-installation checklist.

New hot tubs today are installed very easily.   Before your hot tub arrives from Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna there is a few things to take care of;

May sure you check if your city or municipality has any by-laws; such as do you need a gate or fence when you have a hot tub in your yard? Some areas have municipal codes to protect people by having homeowners install gates or fencing to deny unwanted access to your hot tub.

How much room will be required to move your new hot tub into your yard?

In order for Valley Pool and Spa to deliver and install your new hot tub we need an unobstructed path; this will prevent your tub from getting damaged along its travels to its new home in your yard.  Make sure you check gates and entrances to ensure there is enough space for delivery.  Also check that there is no objects that will get in the way and remove them prior to your delivery time.  It is also good to do an inspection of your yard for over hanging branches, gutters etc…  Is there a lot of stairs or steep slopes going down to where you wanting your new hot tub placed?  If so, please contact us prior to delivery.

What about electrical requirements?

When you buy your hot tub the team at Valley Pool and Spa will speak to you regarding your electrical needs.

Do you need any special plumbing?

All you need for your new tub is garden hose to fill it up.


Installing a hot tub is fast and easy; the staff at Valley Pool and Spa will guide you through every step of the installation process; before you know it you will be sitting back and relaxing in your new purchase.