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Integrating Your Hot Tub Into Your Outdoor Space


Relaxing outdoors in your hot tub is one of life’s great pleasures and a great way to unwind from the day.  

A hot tub is a great place to find tranquility, but if not integrated properly into your landscape, it can disrupt the look and the serenity of your outdoor space.  How can you keep the beauty of your Okanagan landscaped yard and add a hot tub?

Make sure to think about the placement.  Look at the current architecture of your landscape that you already have when placing your hot tub.  Try not to have all sides of the hot tub exposed.  Use an existing rock wall, railing or fence to hide one side of the tub.  If do not want your hot tub to be the main focal point of your yard, place your tub off to one side and use materials that blend in with your landscape to work it into your design.

Design a outdoor room.  Add a pergola or or enclosure can create a spa like environment.  Plants or rocks can also help you create enclosure.

Maybe you want you hot tub to be a focal point in your landscape.  Lots of tubs have water features to help create a relaxing environment when not in use.  Add plants and other items, perhaps some soft lighting around the tub to highlight it.

Conceal your hot tub.  Many hot tubs are designed to be placed in ground which is easy to integrate into your deck.  An in ground hot tub can also create a dramatic landscape when teamed with a pool or other features.


Whatever look you are wanting, the team at Valley Pool and Spa in Kelowna can help you with your ideas and assist you in creating your own personal oasis.