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Is It Time For A Swimming Pool Renovation?






Looking out into your backyard, your swimming pool should be the main focal point.  When you see your pool, do you like what you see?  If not, it maybe be time for a swimming pool renovation.


Here are some signs you should remodel your swimming pool.




Swimming pools are subject to chemicals, weather exposure and UV rays, these can all cause severe damage over time.  If you have a vinyl liner or a concrete pool; cracks, wrinkles, deterioration, slippage or stretching can be a problem.  Some of these issues can cause or be a indication of leaking.  Leaks in a swimming pool need to repaired and should be evaluated by a swimming pool builder as soon as possible.


Save Money


Renovating your swimming pool can save you money by running more energy efficient.  In some cases you can save up to 70% in energy costs.


Your Pool Is Out Dated  


Who doesn’t want to step into their back yard and feel like they are in a resort!  Changing liners, tiles or just resurfacing the interior of your pool will give it a new look in a major way!  There is so many swimming pool design features that can be done to your existing pool and turn it into a incredible backyard escape.  Maybe you are wanting to a whole new shape and dimension to your pool; a lot of people don’t realize this is possible to do but it is!  Perhaps you just want to add on some cool features; a new water feature, lighting, inground hot tub or maybe a diving rock?


Weather you looking to spruce up your pool or do a major swimming pool renovation Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna has over 35 plus years experience in the swimming pool building industry and can give you the help and advice you need.