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Kelowna Is Full Of Mosquitoes!

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With all the floods in Kelowna there is mosquitos out in full force!  These little guys can be pretty irritating when you're sitting around your hot tub or swimming pool cause that’s what we do in the Okanagan!


Here is a few tips to try to keep those pesky things away from you and your yard in a natural way….


Stagnant Water


Mosquitoes LOVE stagnant water.  Try to make sure there is no standing water around your yard.  Did you know that even a bottle cap that has stagnant water in it can be a breeding ground for annoying mosquitoes?  


Plant Some Plants That Repel Mosquitoes


Lemon Balm sort of smells like citronella and mosquitoes do not like the smell.  Planting it in a container is a good idea as it spreads aggressively when right in your yard.


Good Old Marigolds


A staple of flowers across Canada, the marigold is known to be powerful for use as a mosquito repellent.




Basil is very fragrant and mosquitoes really don’t like the smell.




Lavender is so pretty and has a wonderful smell!  For mosquitoes the lavender's fragrance is a real turn off.


Set Out Some Candles


Not only do candles provide some beautiful mood lighting you can get them scented in lavender or citronella which acts as a repellants


Dress In Light Colors


Mosquitoes love dark colors.  Try to wear light colored clothing that covers your arms and legs.  Watch those ankles and your feet!  Mosquitoes love them!  It’s best to keep your feet covered.



Lavender Body Oil


By adding 30 or so drops of lavender oil to two tablespoons of vegetable oil and then applying it to your skin it will stop mosquitoes from landing on you.


Rosemary On The BBQ


Mosquitoes love to bite when people are BBQing, putting some rosemary on the grill it will act as a natural repellent.