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Light Up Your Swimming Pool

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By adding pool lighting you can transform your outdoor living space!

Lighting in or around your swimming pool you can change the mood, make water features stand out along with other architectural elements.  You can create a backyard ambiance that is unique to you.  LED lighting is energy efficient and improves night time swimming safety and is perfect for backyard entertaining.


Pool lighting will:


Sparkle your water surface at night

Create vibrant and mood enhancing color

Bring mystery and drama to the pool

Put more focus on fountains, waterfalls and spas in the evening


Can light up your whole back yard


Light up and define your architec, patios, gardens and walls


Lighting can extend beyond your swimming pool and enhance your outdoor space into your own paradise; lighting in and around it will add beauty, drama and mystery!


There are many options in swimming pool lighting from white lights to even automated and timed beautiful color effects..  If you are wanting to lift the mood for a event or party you can turn on bright lights and playful color effects.  Wanting to create some mystery?  Turn on the mood enhancing lighting.  If you're celebrating the holidays or a birthday maybe you want to turn on some festive colored lighting.  Pool lighting will let you create what ever ambiance you are wanting.

Small vibrant lights are perfect for highlighting fountains, waterfalls, jets, bubblers, whatever you are wanting to feature!

Pool safety is always important and by adding lighting your pool and poolside they will provide illumination for those night time swims.  Lighting will improve visibility and safety by highlighting.  Swimmers will be able to see better and you will be able to monitor others, kids and your furry friends if they love to swim at night.

Our pool lighting is available to buy in halogen, incandescent styles or LED for both new and existing swimming pools.


To learn more about lighting for your exsiting pool, possibly a pool renovation, or if you thinking of building a swimming pool visit us at Valley Pool and Spa in Kelowna BC also serving the Okanagan area.