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If you are new to hot tub ownership, maintenance can seem a little overwhelming.  Spa care is pretty easy!  All it takes is a few minutes a week to keep your water clear and clean.  Follow our simple maintenance schedule for your new Master Spa From Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna and you will be enjoying your new spa for many years to come.


Daily;  Keep your hot tub covered.



Before each use;  Check your water with a test strip to check your sanitation levels; adjust if needed so that levels are between 2 - 4 ppm.  Don’t enter your tub if your water is cloudy; your chlorine levels could be above 5 ppm or maybe there isn't any at all.



After you use your tub;  You will want to add in some oxidizer / non chlorine shock or chlorinating granules.



Once a week;  Add in oxidizer / non chlorine shock or chlorinating granules



Three times per week;  Use your chemical test strips to check your water.  Adjust any chemicals as needed, alkalinity, pH and sanitizer.



As needed; Using chlorinating granules to maintain chlorine levels if your water is looking hazy.  Use some non-chlorine shock if the free chlorine is less than your total chlorine.



Once per month;  with filter cleaner, soak your filter overnight.  Before re-inserting your filter rinse it with clean water.  The EcoPur Charge filter in your Master Spa should NEVER be cleaned with filter cleaner, a rinse with clean water is all that is needed.



Every six months;  Drain your spa.  This is a good time to give everything a good wipe down.  Refill and replace your EcoPur Charge filter with a new one.  Repeat your original start up procedure.



Yearly;  Replace your filter with a new one.


Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna is an authorized dealer for Master Spas; we are always more than happy to perform a free water test for you, just bring us in a sample.