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Muscle Soreness And Recovery For People New To Working Out

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Working out is great for staying in shape, weight control, your heart and mental health etc… but when you first start working out you can feel like you have been hit by a big old bus the next day!  Post workout muscle pain or also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be alarming for people and may stop them from wanting to get fit.  There is good news though!  The more you stick to your new fitness plan the more your muscles get use to it and the pain will decrease and you will soon start to feel amazing!  So how do you get rid of the pain?  Nothing will take the pain away 100% but here are some tips to decrease the pain.

Stretching - stretching before and after exercising will help with tight muscles and get your blood flowing which will help decrease the pain.  Your body will thank you after stretching as it will move more freely.  


Keep moving - you may not feel like it but the best thing you can do is to keep moving.  Go for a slow walk to keep the blood flowing.


Go for a soak - hot tubs are a great way to help relieve muscle pain.  Soaking in a hot tub will help speed up your recovery by reducing your inflammation and relaxing your muscles.  The jets also help by massaging your aches and they help get more blood flowing into those muscles which will provide them with nutrients and oxygen.  


Make sure you're eating properly - getting enough food and proper nutrients is so important for our bodies to work properly.  Good nutrition will help with recovery.  


Rest - make sure you are getting enough sleep!  Sleep is great for recovery as it releases hormones into our body that helps to repair the body!