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Owning A Hot Tub Has Some Great Benefits!



Owning a hot tub has countless benefits.  Most hot tubs / spas are affordable and easy to transport if you are moving making them a great long term investment.  Spas are a wonderful source of relaxation and can also improve your health.


The heat from a hot tub will increase your blood flow and lower your blood pressure in as little as 20 minutes.


The heat is amazing for muscle relaxation and will work deep into your muscles to relieve pain.


With our joints in motion all day they need to support a lot of our body weight.  This can be hard on the body.  When soaking in a hot tub our body weight decreases by 90%.  This reduces stress on our joints and muscles and gives the body a chance to relax.


The jets in a spa are designed to target particular parts of our body and will give you the perfect massage to relax tense muscles.


Sufferers of arthritis have found that regular soaks in a hot tub gives them warmth and massage that is important to their well-being.  The water buoyancy supports and decreases the stress on one's joints.


People that soak regularly in a spa feel less stressed.  They pulsating water massages tight muscles and reduces built up of tension in the body.


After a nice warm soak many find they have a better night's sleep.  The warmth of the water relaxes the body to induce a deep relaxing sleep.


One of the best benefits is the FUN people get from owning a hot tub.  From family time to hot tub parties everyone loves jumping into a hot tub and spending time together.


If you are thinking about owning a hot tub our friendly staff at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna is always standing by to help and assist you in find the perfect hot tub for you.