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Pool Safety Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe



Valley Pool and Spa; your Kelowna swimming pool builder, wants you and your family to stay safe around the swimming pool!  Check out our tips!



Keep the swimming pool water clean and clear - by keeping your water clean and clear you reduce the risks of rashes, earaches and other illnesses.  It also helps to be able to see when you want to go diving!  So make sure you are maintaining water chemistry levels, circulation and the filtration as well.  If you need help balancing your water chemicals drop by your local swimming pool store and have it tested.  Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna offers free water testing, just drop by anytime with your water sample.


Watch the children - always stay within reach of the little ones.  If you have a larger crowd of people over it is a great idea to always have one designated person watching, take turns with other adults.


Keep the pool clear of toys - when your pool is not in use it is best to keep all toys out of the water, this way the little ones won’t be so tempted to jump in.


Have a firm set of rules - you may want to have a no running around the pool rule, no diving because you have a shallow pool etc….


No swimming when there is thunder and lightning - lightning is attracted to water.  It is best to wait 30 mins after a storm to pass to go swimming again.


Watch the alcohol - who doesn’t love a great pool party!  Being intoxicated while swimming is dangerous.


Use plastic glasses and dishes - we always recommend to use plastic around the pool.  Broken glass can cut feet and cause damage to your swimming pool.


Use sunscreen - sometimes when we are swimming and having fun we don’t notice how much sun we are getting.  Apply sunscreen as directed on the bottle and take shade breaks.  Don’t forget to drink lots of water to avoid any chance of sunstroke!