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Reasons To Buy That Hot Tub You Have Been Wanting!

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Thinking about buying a hot tub but just not to sure?  Here some great reasons why you should!

~ A hot tub is great place for the whole family to spend time together just talking without interuptions from phones, t.v.'s or cumputers.


~ The warm water provides relief for arthritis pain.  The jets will also increase your blood supply to your joints to help relieve stiffness. (Read more here on hot tubs and arthritis.)


~ The jets in a hot tub give you an ultimate massage whenever you want one! No more having to make massage appointments.


~ Going for a soak before bed in a spa raises your body temperature which helps you to fall asleep faster and promotes a more restful uninterrupted sleep.


~ After a stressful day, the warm water decreases stress and promotes relaxation.


~ A hot tub's warm water decreases muscle soreness which allows for greater flexibility.  A body will stretch way better in a hot tub.


~ Having trouble warming up on a cold winter's night?  Jump in your hot tub, warm up and do some stargazing at the same time.


~ Hot tubs can be used year long in any climate.  


~ Hot tubs are very easy to maintain taking no more than a 15 minutes a week.


~ You can have some great workouts in hot tub.


~ Start your day out relaxed by going for a soak, listening to the birds sing and enjoying your morning cup of coffee.


~ Sinus issues?  Warm steamy water is known to open up nasal passages making breathing easier.


~ Hot tub parties!  Crank up the music, turn on your LED lighting and turn on the jets!  


~ Post workout muscle pain relief.  The warm water will help your muscles recover faster from a hard workout.


If you are thinking about buying a hot tub / spa please contact us at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna.  Our friendly knowledgeable staff would be more than pleased to help you find the perfect spa for your needs.