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School Is Out! Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Party!


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Living in Kelowna there always seems to be tons of swimming pool and hot tub parties for the end of school and to kick off the summer!  Kids love pool parties.  Here is a few tips and games to make your party a blast!


  1. Pick a theme.  Kids love party themes.  It could be a ice cream pool party, pool olympics party, a luau, or a bubble party.   

  2. Kids of all ages love water balloons!  

  3. Toss some large fun floaties in the pool.  There is some great shapes out there like a slices of pizza, swans, whales etc…

  4. A candy bar station is always a hit or a ice cream sundae station with lots of yummy toppings!

  5. If your party goes into the evening throw some glow sticks in the pool.  The kids love them!

  6. Have some great music playing

  7. Plan a relay race where the guests have to ride a pool floaty and see who gets to the other side first.

  8. Jousting with noodles; have a couple of blow up rafts in the middle of your pool.  Select 1 player for each raft, give them each a 1 pool noodle.  Who ever “gets” the other player off their raft first wins.  The winner takes on the next player.

  9. Pool Scavenger Hunt.  Get items that will sink in pairs.  Coins, pool rings, dive toys work.  Toss them in the swimming pool and have teams try to get one of each item.

  10. Have a sunscreen station for those who forget theirs and a few extra towels.

  11. Have some fun food!  Cut up a watermelon into triangles and insert a popsicle stick in the bottom.

  12. Fill up some cooler with ice and make sure to have lots of water, juice boxes etc…  Kids get thirsty in the heat

  13. Think about having a pinata!  Always a big hit!

  14. Go to the dollar store and buy the kids sun glasses to wear.  They love them!


Hope you have a great party!!!