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Should You Get A Pebble Tec Swimming Pool Finish?



Thinking Of Building Pebble Tec Swimming Pool?  



We are here to answer your most frequently asked questions….

What is a “authorized applicator” and why is this important?

Pebble Technology pool finishes are only installed by applicators that have been trained and licensed by PTI.  PTI has a Quality Control team thats is continually providing ongoing support and training to their network of applicators.  Homeowners can feel good that they are getting the highest quality materials, installation and swimming pool finishes available.


How do I find a PTI certified builder or authorized applicator?

This is a great question because as with anything, there is a lot of imitators out there.  All of PTI certified builders / applicators are listed on Pebble Tec’s website.


Is a PTI swimming pool different than a traditional plaster pool?

A standard plaster pool finish can be found in many older pools; it is made from a marble based mix.  Plaster is less chemically resistant than a aggregate finish.  A swimming pool that has been plastered is highly susceptible to discoloration, staining and deterioration.  The lifespan of a swimming pool that has been plastered needs to be refinished about every 5 - 7 years.  A acid wash can be used to refreshed the pool and bring it back to life but this can only be done once or twice or it will start to eat the plaster away.  

A Pebble Tec finish is made from high performance materials and offers a more durable finish with exceptional stain resistance.  Pebble Tec finishes are more forgiving than a traditional pool plaster finish and can have a lifespan of up to 25 years.


At Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna we are proud to be a autherized builder / applicator of Pebble Tec swimming pool finishes.