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Small Yard But You Want A Swimming Pool?


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Are you dreaming of building in a swimming pool in Kelowna but have a small yard?  Don’t let your small yard stop you!  If the right kind of pool is chosen for it can turn your outdoor living space into the dream yard you have been wanting.


A small swimming pool can still be perfect to enjoy staycations at home, a place to relax, exercise or entertain your guests.  Smaller pools can bring a unique look to your backyard that big swimming pools can not.  Think outside of the box!


A small 9 by 18 pool can be beautiful in any outdoor space.  Add in some LED lighting, some nice lush landscaping and a few pieces of beautiful outdoor patio furnishings.  


In a smaller area even just a little landscaping will make yard look incredible.  If you build a swimming pool with a square or rectangular shape it can give the illusion of the pool being bigger.  Garden pools are beautiful!  You can even add in some potted trees that take up less space.


Rectangular narrow swimming pools are an option too!  With a rectangular narrow pool the younger ones will still have enough room to splash around and go diving.  If the pool is placed and designed correctly it can serve as a divider for your backyard giving you a whole new fabulous look!  Adding in long grass, a fountain, decorative rocks or a fire pit will pull it all together and you will never want to leave your new space!


If you have a small yard and are thinking about building a swimming pool drop by Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna, your Okanagan / Kelowna swimming pool builder.  Let us show you how a smaller pool can transform your backyard into a stunning outdoor oasis!