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Soaking In A Hot Tub After A Day On The Slopes




Ski and snowboard season is in full swing at Big White in Kelowna.  Both skiing and snowboarding are full-body workouts.  They manly involve the lower body muscles and your core.  Post workork neglect can lead you to injury.  Make sure to give those muscles some TLC after hitting the slopes.  

Here are a few recovery tips to nurture those muscles after day of shredding snow on the hills.  Follow these tips and it will leave you feeling amazing.


Eat some foods that are protein rich and some carbs with 45 minutes of skiing. Whenever you workout, your muscles need to be refueled so they can repair and rebuild.  When we exercise it can use up our body’s glycogen supply and tear up our muscles.  Protein foods supply your body with much needed amino acids to repair the muscles.  Foods rich in carbs restore the glycogen lost in our bodies after a workout.


Relax in a hot tub.  When you soak in a hot tub / spa after an amazing day skiing it helps your body to repair.  Going for a 20 minute soak is great therapy for sore muscles.  By soaking your muscles in a spa / hot tub your muscles will loosen up and also increase blood flow to the area.  Do some stretching when you in the hot tub.  Warm muscles help to get you into a deeper stretch.


Treat yourself to a sports massage.  A good deep tissue sports massage can do wonders for your muscles after a day on the hills and can greatly benefit you.  If you go in for a hot tub after your massage your muscles will be in really great shape!  


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