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Spring Planting Around Your Swimming Pool



Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna



Most people love the surrounding landscape around their swimming pool to be a relaxing luxurious area to relax and do some entertaining.  You can bring this vision to life by installing a variety of plants and flowers.


There is so many plants choices!  How do you even start?


Some varieties of plants are better suited for around your swimming pool than others.


What should you look for in a plants?

Pools and the landscape around it should create a relaxing oasis with lush and colorful foliage.  Different types of plants will give you different looks.  Maybe you like a modern look or a southwest inspired space.


Try to choose plants that:

Bring color

Create privacy

Add texture


Colorful and lush looking plants will make your swimming pool area a beautiful oasis.  There are so many full sun perennials that will bring color to your space.  With perennials they don’t die after flowering so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after them all the time.


People love privacy around their pool!  

Tall trees and hedges will create a more natural fence to give you privacy and also give you some shade.


Using a mix of plants will bring you some texture to your outdoor space.  Mix it up with ornamental grasses, flowering plants and other foliage that will really make your yard pop.


To give your bedding areas the most texture, create layers of different sizes and styles of plants.   Make sure you install a variety of plants like grasses with leafy and flowering type foliage.


Taller plants are better placed in the back or middle of the beds tiering the plants forward in height.  For a more intriguing textured look, stagger your plants; avoid planting in rows.  For each plant you have make sure you plant three of them unless it is a focal point like a tree.  You want to group them in odd numbers.


Try to avoid using plants or trees that drop to many leaves!  They may get into your swimming pool and make a big mess to clean up and they can clog filters.


When building a swimming with Valley Pool and Spa, make to speak to us regarding the landscape you are wanting so we can tie it all together to give you the perfect outdoor living space you are looking for.