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Swim Spas Have Great Benefits For Arthritis Sufferers


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New research shows that exercising and walking in warm water has many healthy benefits.  Water exercise is proven to reduce pressure and fatigue on your joints, improves balance and helps with aches and pains.  Water or aquatic therapy has other great benefits such as improving your mobility and flexibility and in general you will feel better over all.  


If you suffer from arthritis water exercise can improve your quality of life.  46 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis and one way to help reduce pain in through movement.  It is recommended that people with arthritis get two and a half hours per week of aerobic activity.  Most sufferers of arthritis do not get their recommended activity in because they suffer from joint and muscle pain, a feeling of weakness, feeling tired and also have joint swelling.


With no cure at this time for arthritis there is hope and some treatments available.  If you are not getting some form of exercise because of your arthritis, new research says that exercising and walking in warm water has many benefits.  Aqua exercise can help reduce your fatigue, pressure on your joints, decrease muscle aches and pain and help with balance issues.


Master Spa developed the H2X Swim Spa as a tool that helps you gain strength, relieve your pains and improve your physical conditioning


When one avoids exercise due to pain, your muscles weaken causing your joints and muscles lose their flexibility. When our bodies are not moving our muscles shorten and tighten causing more pain.  It is important to keep moving for these reasons.


In 2014, a research study was done by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, which found that patients with osteoarthritis that performed high intensity interval training in water were better able to manage arthritis symptoms.


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