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Swimming Pool Energy Saving Tips




Everyone will agree that having a swimming pool is tons of fun!  Along with all the fun you are having, you probably want to also stay energy efficient.  Saving on energy is not only great for the environment but also your pocketbook.


Here are some great tips to help keep your energy consumption down.


A swimming pool solar cover is a great way to money saver.  Most heat loss from pools comes from evaporation.  The heat that is lost is about 30%.  That is a lot!  If you have a swimming pool heater, the water runs through the pump and then the heating system to bring your pool up to the proper temperature and then it evaporates.  If you use a cover for your pool it acts as insulation and greatly reduces evaporation, saving on energy and money!  A solar cover is the most inexpensive cover to buy, but you will have to manually cover your pool with it.  Automatic covers that will do the work for you with the touch of a button but they do cost more.

Choosing a variable speed pump rather than a single speed pump is another way to save energy.  A variable speed pump maximizes runtime VS a constant run time with a single speed pump.  Variable speed pumps can save you up to 75% in energy consumption.  

Make sure you are keeping your filters clean!  If the filters are dirty your pump has to work harder to push the water through, resulting in more energy loss.

If you are buying a new swimming pool heater from your local swimming pool store in Kelowna make sure to check if it is energy efficient.  Pay close attention to the efficiency rating.  

Check that the lights in your swimming pool are LED lights.  They are the most energy efficient.

If you have any questions about making your swimming pool more efficient contact us at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna.  We would more than happy to help you!