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Swimming Pool Myths

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Here are some pretty common swimming pool myths that we are debunking!


You have to wait a hour after eating to swim!

We have all heard this one!  Here is the truth; when we are digesting food more blood goes to ours stomachs to help with digestion, this will leave less blood in our other muscles.  When swimming, if you overwork the muscles you could get a cramp but the chances are really low.  Consider eating a lighter meal and only swim when you feel comfortable.  There is no evidence to support that you must wait an hour after eating to go swimming.

Chlorine causes red eyes!

Red eyes after swimming is usually more likely caused from the pool’s water balance not being in check.  Acidic water with low pH can be the cause of red eye.  A under or poorly chlorinated swimming pool is usually the problem.

Chlorine will turn my hair green!

Nope!  It’s not chlorine that is turning your hair green, it is actually copper that is the cause.  There is some algaecides that are copper based and that oxidizes the metals in the water.  This copper can attach itself to the hair shaft.  Shampoo will rinse the green away.

I smell chlorine in the pool, there must be to much!

This myth is false.  When chlorine is added to a pool it attaches itself to bacteria which creates chloramines.  When a swimming pool is shocked with chlorine the chloramines turns itself into oxygen and then escapes into the air.  This is what you are smelling!  It is actually in the air not the water.  When you do smell chlorine, your water chemistry needs to be checked because swimming pools should not smell.  If you are having trouble balancing your swimming pool water bring in a water sample to Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna for a free water testing.  We are more than happy to help you get your pool water balanced properly!