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Swimming Pool Safety For Kids

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Having a swimming pool is wonderful and will provide years of enjoyment, but it also comes with responsibility.  Having a pool means you have the responsibility to safeguard it.  Supervision is a must with children!  There is also other steps you can take too, to protect the little ones!


Make swimming lessons a must! It is recommended that most children are ready for swimming lessons from age 1 to 4 when  ready to learn how to swim.  Kids develop at different ages and rates, each child will be ready for lessons at his or her own time.


An adult should always be near.  Even if your child is a great swimmer they could need help in a split second.  As an adult, always set a good example on how to behave in and around a pool.  Remember the pool is safe when every person follows the swimming pool rules!


Water depth. Check it!  Kids love to dive and jump into a pool, always make sure the water is not to shallow


Walk don’t run.  Someone could slip or trip.  


Slap on that sunscreen.  No one wants a bad sunburn.


Put the toys away after use.  Someone could trip over them and get hurt.


Fence it.  All pools must be fenced!  Make sure if it is a fence with slants that kids can not get thru.  When you build a swimming pool in Kelowna the law is that a fence must be at least 42 inches.


Lock it.  The best gates to install are self closing and latching.  Latches should be out of reach of kids.  You can also buy and alarm that will alert you when you are inside your house if the gate gets opened.  Alarms are also available to alert you in anyone goes into the pool.


Don’t leave the pool partially covered.  Kids can easily get trapped on a partially opened cover.


Learn CPR.  By taking a CPR course you will be prepared if there is a injury to deal with.


Be safe and have fun!