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The 411 On Hot Tub Chemicals

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Hot tub / spa ownership is amazing and will give you years of enjoyment!  They do need some maintenance and care to keep them running properly and care to keep them clean.  No one likes a dirty hot tub / spa!


If you are new spa / hot tub owner you maybe be a little confused on what chemicals are for what.  To help make things a little easier, we put together a basic chemical list you can reference.  Make sure to keep this list handy so you can refer to it in the future!


Chlorinating Granules;  Chlorine sanitizing agent

Filter Cleaner;  Removes different materials from the filter media

Foam Gone;  Temporarily removes foam

Metal Protect;  This sequesters metals suspended in the fill water

Oil Gone;  This enzyme helps break down oils

Oxidizer Shock;  This oxidizing agents will free up chlorine

pH Down;  This will lower your pH and total alkalinity

pH Up;  Raises the pH and total alkalinity

Spa Brite;  This one helps combine small particles for clear water

Scale Defense;  Keeps minerals in suspension


Make sure when using chemicals to always follow the manufactures directions.  Directions can be found on the label.  And don’t forget to review our blog post on chemical safety here.  Safety is very important when handling chemicals!


Hot tub chemicals can seem a little confusing when you are a brand new spa owner, but not to worry, in no time you will be a pro!  Our knowledgeable friendly staff is happy to help you should you need it!


Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna also offers spa / hot tub school! We are here to take the confusion out of getting to know the chemicals and how to use them.  We also offer free in store water testing.  Just bring us in a sample of the water for your tub and will do the rest.